The Great Commission

We want to fulfill the Great Commission in the most Biblical, simple & reproducible way.


We believe the words of God hold more truth than what the world tells us. We want to build a culture of always turning to scripture to remind ourselves of the heart and ways of God. That is why we always start with a biblical perspective.


As we begin with the words of God, we want to be known for being authentic and genuine as we love God and others. We are a church of spirit and flesh not smoke and mirrors. Humans have a tendency to complicate and humanize the kingdom of God, that is why we want to be a church who simply hears the word of God and obeys the word of God.


All Christians are empowered and called to participate in the Great Commission. Which is why we love to equip and encourage ALL to build relationships, share the gospel, disciples others, and become thriving church leaders. We want to graduate as many church leaders who are sent into the world as possible.

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