Since its beginning in 2004, Impact has always been about building authentic relationships with students and establishing a church on campus. In the last couple years, Impact has entered a new season with staff changes and a refocusing of our vision. As Impact begins this new chapter, we felt an outward change was necessary to convey the inward change going on at Impact.

We’re excited to present our new 2018-2019 logo & brand identity.

There’s a lot of symbolism behind our new logo & identity. The interlocking symbol is meant to represent our student-led network of relationships. Its clean, straightforward design shows our focus on connection over frills.

In addition, we crafted this logo to be useable on other campuses with campus colors allowing for a more scaleable brand. Lastly, our new visual identity is compelling yet credible to better convey we’re both student & supporter centered.

We’re excited for what God has in store for us this next school year & are happy to have a new brand that represents where we feel God is taking us.