Student Stories – Fall 2018

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Sarah Burford – Senior

Starting my senior year of college has been crazy. It has been busy, and there have been many things I have had to get used to. A lot of times it can feel like you are doing it all on your own because no one else is going through exactly what you are going through. But that is one of the great things that God has been showing me lately. No one is going through exactly what you are going through, but everyone is going through something. Everyone has a different story and different experiences.

Impact has given me so many amazing people to go through life with. Every week I get to hang out with my friends and just experience life. I get to hear about my friends’ experiences every week, which is so awesome to me! The more I get to be around these awesome friends of mine, I am learning that these people are my safe space. They are the people I can tell anything to and still be loved and cared for. We get to talk to each other about so many things from life’s ups and downs to where we see God in our lives all the way to the funny videos we saw on the internet. I am so thankful to have such a great, loving community who always points me back to God!

Daniel Farrell – Senior

Over the past few months, God has really been showing and revealing to me how evangelism is done. I used to be worried and stressed out about making friends then talking to them about Jesus because I thought they would think I had an agenda or for some reason that relationship wasn’t true. Since the start of the semester, God has really been showing me that its not my job to bring the relationship to Christ, but that He is in control and working behind the scenes to create a trusting relationship that is comfortable to talk about Christ. I have been able to see this through some clubs and organizations I am a part of outside of Impact, as well as some old relationships I had in previous years.

Impact has been a huge help in this journey of discovery, teaching, and equipping me to comfortably be able to talk about my faith in normal conversation, as well as being comfortable in creating lasting, deep relationships built on Christ. The villages we have throughout the week are a great way for me to get spiritually filled and learn more about Christ, while the Gathering on Sundays contain great teaching and different opportunities to practice and grow in the things God has shown me this semester.